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History of LePage

The LePage® brand is a known and trusted leader in DIY adhesives and sealants in Canada. Since 1876, LePage® has been the choice of consumers and professionals for many of their home projects. Visit for additional product information.

LePage® products for Canada are developed and marketed by Henkel Corporation, a part of Henkel, a worldwide leader in adhesives and a European leader in laundry/home care and personal care products. Henkel’s North American consumer adhesives brands include Loctite®, LePage® (for Canada only), and Pritt® brands.

Company History

The 19th Century

William N. LePage of Prince Edward Island rediscovers the art of making fish glue. His ready-to-use adhesive can be kept in storage for months.

The LePage Company is founded. Products are manufactured by the Russia Cement Company in Gloucester, Massachusetts USA.

LePage advertises in Frank Leslie´s Popular Monthly : "Between January 1880 and January 1887, in all parts of the world, LePage´s sold over 47 million bottles [of LePage´s Original Glue]."

The 20th Century

LePage´s Inc. is established in Montreal, Canada.

LePage´s moves operations to Toronto, Canada to be more central to the Canadian marketplace.

LePage´s Limited in Canada forms, a Canadian company separated from LePage´s U.S.A. and LePage´s U.K.

LePage´s acquires Resilacrete concrete coating business.

LePage´s is acquired by National Starch & Chemical Company.

The 1970s

LePage´s moves to a 100,000 square foot operation in Brampton, Ontario and acquires Rez Wood Stains business.

50,000 square feet is added to the new facilities.

LePage´s acquires the Poly Decorating Product line.

LePage´s adds 50,000 square foot, state-of-the-art shipping facilities.

The 1990s

1996 (July)
Henkel Canada acquires Canadian Adhesives Ltd., increasing sales by $12 mm/year. It merges with LePage.
The Resilacrete line is discontinued and branded as LePage Poly.

1997 (January)
Henkel Germany acquires the Loctite Corporation. The Consumer Division is now part of Loctite, U.S., North American Group headquartered in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

1998 (January)
Henkel Germany acquires major interest of Manco Inc. in the U.S.
The Bondfast Company is dissolved. Future U.S. LePage sales will be carried by Manco.

1998 (July)
Henkel Germany acquires complete interest in Manco Inc.

The 21st Century

Manco and LePage change their names to Henkel Consumer Adhesives and Henkel Canada Corporation, Consumer Adhesives, respectively.

Henkel Acquires OSI expanding LePage's product offerings and technologies

Henkel Acquires the Adhesives and Electronic Materials businesses previously owned by National Starch. By acquiring these businesses, Henkel substantially further strengthened its leading position in the global adhesives markets, particularly in the industrial segments.

Henkel launches the new LePage Website
Launch of New line of Interior & Exterior Sealants